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18 April 2010 @ 10:05 pm
Amongst all the seperate interests that I try and cram in to form what is known as my "being", this is probably one of the most exciting things to come within the next four months!


Now before you go all: Are you serious, a dating sim game? Just, please, hear me out first. I also did the whole dead-pan face when I first heard that Tokimeki Memorial was coming out with a version for girls. But seriously it`s a freaking addictive game.

I`m pretty sure that (along with a lot of other things) basically destroyed my realistic expectations of men me academically in my first semester of 3rd year, it was THAT addictive, as much as I love hate to admit it.

What is Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side?

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side (TMGS) is a spin-off (kind of) from KONAMI's dating simulation game / otome game, Tokimeki Memorial, and was released first on PS2 in 2002 and on the DS in 2007. Being "Girl's Side", this version was marketed towards girls in love with bishounens and the like. Then, TMGS2 was released in 2006 on the PS2 and in 2008 on the DS. This game featured all new boys to fall in love with.

The Aim of the Game?

The setting behind the TMGS games is that you`re a female student, on her first day as a high school freshman, where you meet a hot cool awesome CHOU KAKKOII!! person by chance. This male student is the main character, and the opening sequence is related to this person. The aim is to basically go through three years of high school, trying to get the guy you`re interested to like you. If you are successful, at the end of your three years, he will give a whole lovey-dovey speech to you confessing his love. Unfortunately, if you're unsuccessful but have a close friend, she will instead give you a lovey-dovey speech about how much she values your friendship. The worst possible ending is where your "younger brother" shows up and walks you home from your last day at school.


First of all -- if you have little to no knowledge of the Japanese language, I`m sorry to say that you`ll have a difficult time playing, as the game is mostly text based. I`d say that you probably need to have studied Japanese for at least two years to get a general idea of what is happening in the game. TMGS puts you into the shoes of an ordinary high school student and forces you to balance three main things -- school, work and romance (I included work because, let's face it, it is impossible to get by on your allowance). First of all, note that there are a total of eight paremeters

Stress          Money
Intellect        Art
Physical      Social
Trendy         Charm

Each guy has specific parameter requirements in order for him to like you and confess to you, after all, it only makes sense that people with similar interests will get to know each other better that way. You will always meet the main chracter of the game, no matter what, but as for some of the other guys, you need certain parameters to meet them. Some jobs also require certain parameters in order to unlock, and some secret characters may require certain parameters to unlock. Furthermore, parameters will increase or decrease over time depending on what you decide to do, the club (if any) you are in, and the type of job you have. Also, hanging out with a friend will increase the parameters that the friend is strong in. So how do you increase them? Via the interface!

Each button corresponds to a certain action, and each action will affect your parameters. It can increase and decrease some parameters, and leave others unchanged. Note that choosing a certain action will make you do the action for each weekday, unless you have work on a particular day. These buttons are (Going left to right in rows): Sleep; Study; Art; Club Activity (Only appears if you are in a club); Exercise; Read Magazines; Charm; Hang out with a friend.

Furthermore, these actions are only available to you on the weekend. They are: Phone (You can use this to call for a job, ask a guy out on a date); Shopping; Brother (Who has information on guys including their birthdays, phone numbers and how much they like you). Shopping is important for dates, as guys prefer certain types of clothes (Pure, Elegant, Sporty, Sexy). Also, they`ll like you less if you wear the exact same thing you did before.

Apart from this, the rest of the time you`re pretty much reading texts. There are some CGs but these also contain text.

Special Features

Voice Acting - One of the reasons why the game is so loved large for those downloading it (NAUGHTY :O) is because the game comes with complete voice acting. Furthermore, entering your name and nickname / petname at the beginning of the game is not only for identification purposes, but you will actually hear these guys say your name! 

CGs - Or cut scenes in the western world. There are some short clips of your favourite guys doing various things, and are triggered by certain things. These are usually the more heart-throbbing moments where the guy un/intentionally does something really sweet or where you see an unexpected side to them.

Mini-Games - Yes! Chocolate making, the Atheletics Carnival and the pillow fight. At the carnival, you compete in a chosen activity, and coming first leaves a good impression on all guys. Chocolate making is for Valentine`s Day (In Japan and South Korea(?), girls give chocolate to the guys they like on Valentine's Day), and you can choose whom to give chocolate too. Making it well leaves a good impression on whoever you give it too. There is also the option of store bought chocolate, which is less sentimental. The pillow fight happens at school camp and involves you, and the guys who likes you the most vs your female friend and the guy she likes.

"Skinship" - Because the DS has a touch screen, there is the option of skinship with the guys. Depending on what you do with the stylus (Tap and hold, tap, slide etc) and where you do it kind of mimics an action. Holding the stylus over someone's eyes is like staring into their eyes, a gentle rubbing around the hair area is like ruffling their hair, etc. Certain guys like certain things.

Dates - You can choose a variety of places to go on a date with a guy. Certain guys prefer certain places over others, and will be in a better mood if you choose a place that they like, otherwise they get all sulky when they`re at a place they hate. Some spots are only available during certain times, and are unlocked through the monthly newsletter on your phone that you have to constantly check. For instance, there will be a newsletter announcing the Fireworks Display in August (Summer), or there may be a certain corner of a zoo open during a certain time. During each date, there will be a list of three options to choose from and each will get a corresponding response from the guy, depending on what he is like. There is a good, average and bad response. Also, in TMGS2, if the guy likes you enough he will ask you to stay with him a little longer and take you to the beach where you can talk (aww). If a guy likes you enough (in both versions), he will offer to send you home. It's during those kinds of times on dates where you can do the whole skinship thing.

Shopping - I mentioned it earlier but I really love the shopping feature. You can go to various stores that stock various kinds of clothing and buy and resell clothes. Each piece of clothing has a style attributed to it. Also, there are accessories that you can buy to match your clothing or to trick your guy into thinking you have a new outfit xD. You can also buy yukatas and furisodes during certain times for the Fireworks Display and Hatsumoude. For some reason, you can only visit two places at maximum each time. You may also randomly bump into a guy or your friends.

Interactive Walking Home - If a guy really likes you, he will offer to send you home which will trigger the whole walking, talking and touching sequence. It's basically a long CG from your perspective of a guy walking next to you. Hearts pop up all over the place and you have to each touch or slide in the corresponding way to uh ... "fire" him up. Some of the guys make really interesting sounds.

Secret Characters - Available on the DS versions only. In TMGS1, you have the ridiculously cute Tendo Jin from Hanegesaki High School and the mystery man Chiharu Aoki. In TMGS2 you have even more secret characters such as Akagi Kazuyuki from Habataki High School, the insanely shy and cute Komori Taku, and the playboy Majima Tarou.

Events - School exams, end of the year Christmas party where you exchange a present with the guy you like, school culture festivals, the school trip, atheletics carnival and club camp.

Rivals - As with all high school dramas, there are rivals for all of the guys (except the main characters, the secret characters, and the plain weird characters). If the guy your close friend likes happens to like you, she`ll confront you and you can either tell the truth (you like him, too) or lie, only to have her find out later and declare you as a rival. When this happens, there will be a bomb next to her on the relationship status meter, meaning the stress you get from doing things will double.

My Favourites

Hazuki Kei (葉月 珪): The stoic fashion model (Is that humanly possible?). I`m pretty sure I died about ten times over in the CG where he`s with the cats. In fact, all of his CGs are pretty much moe~ material.

Shiba Katsumi (志波 勝己): The strong, silent type. In a way, he resembles Mori-sempai from Ouran and Tora-sama from Alice Nine. The voice actor for him has a really deep voice that I just love. Everything about him is absolute awesomeness.

So yeah, I`m really excited about TMGS3 since they mentioned having new features such as love triangles etc. In fact, I`m so excited, I`m going to put 1&2 back on my DS any excuse will do at this point
chirorichan on May 5th, 2010 08:33 am (UTC)
Tokimeki Memorial rings a bell. I saw that in a magazine, I think yeeeears ago and wanted it but never got it. TT___TT

That looks like an interesting game. Sth I'd ttly play myself. XD Too bad I don't have a DS and I don't know Japanese. I'll never survive it XD